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How to Stamp With an Acrylic Block

For beginners, how to stamp with an acrylic block

Do you need a quick lesson in how to use clear stamps as a stamping novice? Do you want to know how to properly store and care for your stamp collection? Are you looking to learn how to properly use acrylic blocks? We’ll share some tips and tricks for beginners crafters with you.
Here are some fun facts about stamps

More than 4% of Americans have stamps for crafting in their toolkit. These stamps can be used to make all types of crafts, including handmade cards and scrapbook pages, ornaments, journaling, tags and journaling.
Stamping is a large category that falls within the craft and hobby industries. Stamping is an integral part of craft in the United States today. The number of stamps for sale online has increased dramatically from 1996 to 2004. After many years of rapid growth, 2005 saw a decrease in sales for stamps for crafts.

What is an Acrylic Block?

A stamp block, also known as an acrylic block, is a thick piece of clear acrylic. The block is typically rectangular or square in shape, but you can also find them with ripples or ridges at the edges to make it easier to grip. Clear acrylic stamps are not like rubber or wooden craft stamps. They don’t come with a block or platform. You will need to mount them onto a piece of acetate to use them.

Your photopolymer stamp will be supported by acrylic stamp blocks. These are some of the benefits of using an acrylic block.

It’s clear so that you can see exactly where your stamped image is and what you’re stamping on the paper.
It is easy to change stamp designs. All you have to do is remove the old ones from your block and put them back.
Even for beginners, it is very easy to use.
Grid lines are often found on acrylic stamping blocks. These lines will allow you to align your stamp image on paper or cardstock. This is especially important when stamp layering is being done.
It is very easy to clean. To remove ink residue, you can use damp cloth or wet wipes.
It’s also travel-friendly. These blocks are lighter than wooden blocks, and they are also less bulky. When you travel, or attend workshops in crafting, you only need one or two blocks.
One size does not fit all. A decent-sized, medium-sized acrylic block can be used for most stamp sets, as the majority of sizes fit nicely.

This is a quick guide for beginners on stamping with an acrylic block!

First, take your photopolymer stamp off the acetate sheet. Next, place it on your acrylic stamp block.
An acrylic block that is larger than the image will work best, but not too large as it will make it more difficult to use. It is important to have a variety of sizes of acrylic blocks.

Use an ink color to ink your stamp. Place the acrylic stamping block with the stamp attached on a flat surface. To ensure a smooth surface, a stamping mat (or a crafting mat) is best.

To ensure the entire stamp design is inked properly, place the ink pad on the stamp. TIP! PRO TIP! Never press down on the ink pad or tilt it to one side while inking your stamp.
Place the inked image on the acrylic block.
Once you have stamped the stamp image, press down on all sides of the image onto the cardstock. Never tilt the acrylic block, but press gently.
To reveal the stamped image, remove the acrylic stamp block.

It’s easy, right? Before you begin stamping, make sure to prepare your photopolymer stamps. Photopolymer stamps are sticky and need to be “seasoned”. Simply grab a rubber eraser, and rub it all over your stamp. This will help the ink stick better to the stamp.