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Pros & Cons of Norton Antivirus

Symantec’s Norton Antivirus is a malicious system which attempts to maintain your laptop or computer from other malware and viruses. One of the more famous anti – Virus programs around nowadays is Norton, and also for superior reason. a number of main computer companies have included Norton as their default anti – disease software. Norton antivirus is a great application, but, like any other antivirus programs, it falls short in certain places.

Detection of viruses

The capacity to detect viruses is probably the most crucial facet of any anti – disease plan. With their Internet security edition 2009, Norton Antivirus has a really great virus detection rate. Norton users are pleased with the program’s potential to detect and stop viruses, and it will continue to improve.

Usage of Resource

Norton Antivirus’s usage of system resources is probably the biggest problem. Antivirus program runs in the background the majority of the time, so when the whole system should be operated using a specific amount of RAM, the device is going to have zero time to spare for various other responsibilities. Norton uses a great deal of memory, which may delay some other programs. Symantec’s newest releases of Norton antivirus must tackle this particular issue, though it is going to use far more RAM compared to some other non – heavy antivirus programs, like Avira AntiVir and also Avast.


You are going to have to spend a membership charge to use Norton Antivirus. Norton includes a totally free trial edition of the operating system, that is great for aproximatelly thirty times, after that the person must pay a fee every month to keep making use of the system. The price of these programs, mixed with the reality that there are a number of free antivirus programs which are much like Norton, leads many people to search free of charge alternatives.

Support and updates

Norton Antivirus is a well established system with strong business ties and also strong support through their Norton tech support number, which will help prevent your computers protected against the newest viruses which come along. The benefit of having to pay for a virus service would be that the producers are invested in enhancing the product while some other items might not have a separate staff or maybe monetary backing.

Person Interface

Norton Antivirus has an easy-to-use user interface which really makes it painless to set up and use. The system is not hard to work with and navigate, quite possibly for a novice. This’s crucial since a lot of individuals that purchase computers think it is hard to get around through the menus of various applications.