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Transfer MiniDV to Digital and DVD

You can save tons of space by converting your Mini DV tapes from analog to digital. Your memories will also be protected for years to come. Mini DV and digital tapes can be converted to digital and DVD. This allows you to watch and store your Mini DVD tapes on your computer, mobile or laptop. You can take your precious memories with you everywhere you go.

If you don’t have the proper equipment, digitizing your Mini DV tapes can be tedious and time-consuming. This process is easy if you have old photos or Mini DV tapes. It is easy to transfer your Mini DV tapes from digital to avoid any degradation or time taking its toll.
Clean the tapes

It is important to thoroughly clean Mini DV tapes before converting them to digital. This can be done using a two-pass wet/dry process. Mini DV tapes can be cleaned with ‘Cleaning Tapes’. However, these tape cleaning products are not reliable and can cause further damage. Each tape is individually cleaned using the most appropriate cleaning techniques and machinery.

We only use broadcast-quality Mini DV VCRs when converting Mini DV footage from DVD to digital. Customers often have issues with MiniDV conversions to digital using standard domestic digital capture methods, such as Firewire sockets. The problem is often with the most recent computer software for modern laptops using outdated MiniDV technology. This can lead to a slow and tedious conversion.

We use only broadcast standard DVVCR’s that have adjustable alignment to correct sync issues. Players with high specifications are only used to play all codecs, adjust alignment as necessary, and provide unparalleled mitigation of distortions and corruption.
Editing and post-Processing

After being digitized, the digital file can be edited to bring the Mini DV tape to modern standards. The digital file can be edited to correct colour errors and adjust saturation and contrast accordingly.

MiniDV audio levels are much lower than modern consumer-grade recording techniques. We use enhancement and loudness improvements to improve the audio quality.
Don’t wait! Why wait? Convert your tapes now to digital!

These steps will complete your minidv to mp4 conversion. This will give your footage a new lease on life. Now it’s time to enjoy your restored footage.