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Why transfer old videos and music to digital formats?

Many people don’t have the space or ability to store a large collection of their old media, such as photos, vinyl, CDs and DVDs. You have options.

When you run out space, your first choice is to just throw them out and purchase them all again. You lose items that have sentimental value and future monetary worth. Imagine owning a Beatles first vinyl, and having to throw it away. Ouch!

You have other options, if you don’t want to throw them away. We recommend that you put your items in storage. Self-storage is less expensive than buying a new house so it may be worth it.

Converting minidv to mp4 is a good idea before you store them. This will allow you to store all of your old media online or on the cloud, and make your home more space-efficient.

Here are some ways you can convert your old media into new media.
Vinyl to Digital

Although it might seem complicated at first, converting vinyl records to digital can be done with the right tools. The following tools are required to convert vinyl records to digital copies:

A turntable, an analogue/digital converter and a phonostage are required. To edit and capture your music, you will also need editing software. It’s as simple as plugging in the turntable and setting up your computer.

You can put your vinyl records in storage, or get rid of them. This will give you more space in the house, while allowing your records age and potentially increasing in value.
Photos to Digital

Converting images to digital is easy. All you need are a scanner and photo editor software such Photoshop. Their website offers a free trial for Photoshop.

Photoshop can be difficult to learn so be patient. You can also use an online photo converter service to help you edit and digitize your photos faster than you would if you tried it yourself. You will also save money by converting them yourself.
Digital from VHS

Converting old films to digital copies not only will save space, but will also keep your memories safe for longer. The tapes of old movies like christenings, weddings or other special events were often recorded back in the day. They can easily be damaged.

The process of transferring VHS tapes to digital is similar to that of transferring vinyl to CD. To play the media and capture it, you will need a device.

A VHS player, an older movie, a USB capture tool, and a personal computer are all necessary to convert VHS video to digital. The USB capture device is the only thing you don’t probably have, but they are easily available on websites like Amazon.

The USB capture device has the scart lead on one end that plugs in to your VHS player and the USB on the other which plugs in to your computer. Then you can play the video from your VHS player, and then set up your screen recorder software on your personal computer.

While this takes a long time, it is the cheapest. You may need to hire a company that can convert your VHS tapes to digital if there are many.

Converting your media into digital copies will not only make your home or office more spacious, but will also extend the life of your media. By converting your files into digital copies, you can protect your most treasured memories by adding them in multiple storage locations.

Photo backups that are stored on hard drives, laptops, the cloud, and in physical format are safer than having a physical copy. We highly recommend backing up family photos and videos digitally.