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A Yacht Lover’s Guide to The Cannes Boat Show

There is a Cannes Boat and Yacht Festival is held every year on France’s famed Riviera is among the biggest of the type throughout Europe as well as the perfect venue where boatbuilders can display the latest, modern superyachts. Take a look at the most sleek liners on the planet or dream about the kind of superyacht you’d be able to custom-build in the event that money was not an issue.

39th Cannes Yachting Festival in 2016 was a record show, with 51,000 guests and the largest amount of boats seen in the history of the festival. In 2017, the festival marked its 40th anniversary, and more than 600 boats as well as 500 exhibitors gathered to show their new models to the general public. The Cannes boat show 2022 will be it’s 25th year and feature boats of all sizes, from 2 metres up to 65 metres long. The festival is held every year in September. It is held at Cannes two ports: Ports Pierre Canto and the Vieux Port. Vieux Port as well as the Port Pierre Canto, and is so well-known worldwide that more than half of visitors originate from abroad.

The most expensive superyachts remain shrouded in mystery as they are constructed, and the private projects are an enigma regarding the owners, design, and cost of the new vessels. At this year’s Cannes Film Festival there is frequently a live online discussion about who’s been seen on their large yachts.

If you’ve got a good half-million euros to invest in one week of charter, you could hire one of the beautiful vessels below. There are a lot of start-ups that are shaking up the ways that owners can own yachts. several companies offer flexibility in ownership, and you can lease a superyacht for any length of time beyond 36 days a year. This means that your idea of sailing across the Mediterranean is more achievable than it was before.

The boat is part of the Lurssen boat manufacturer located in Germany and is frequently observed floating along across the French Riviera, in Cannes or along to the highway through La Ciotat. The interior of the boat was created in the hands of Andrew Winch in London, who is currently working on the interiors of the brand new Boeing Business Jet 737. With a length of 512 feet (156m) the vessel breaks many records. It is the biggest yacht in the world , measured in tons (gross) and her diesel engine, which is 30,000 kw, can propel her at 22.5 knots. Her swimming pool is believed to be the largest on any yacht. The Dilbar is currently the fourth longest yacht as well.

Created in the hands of Royal Huisman in 2015 for an Asian businessman The Sea Eagle is as much about sailing as it is about the comfort. Its architecture was designed created by German Frers and interior design by Rhoades Young The Sea Eagle is a fashionable 43ft-(13m-)number that impressed everyone in 2016 at Cannes.

When the 295-foot (90m) superyacht built by Benetti (it was the largest boat at the time) was handed over by her owner the year of 2016 It was shrouded by mystery and secrecy. nobody knew who the vessel was for, and the details were kept private. It’s now been revealed it is owned by British billionaire Philip Green, who also kept his previous yacht that was smaller than the Lionheart. The latest version is valued at $150 million and has a rate of around 15 knots. There are three decks on her, which can be opened into a beach club’ configuration, and its interior design was created by experts Green as well as Mingarelli.

This is an 39ft-(12m-)boat that comes from Riva, which is a handy day-boat that transforms into a queen-sized bed below the deck. It can comfortably sleep two. It’s a great little boat to go for a cruise along Lake Como and have a night-time sleepover.

This sleek yacht comes from Australian firm Silver Yacht is 253ft long (77m) and is the fastest long-range aluminum yachtthat is, she can travel across the ocean from Australia all the way to Europe in just 21 days. She can cross through the Atlantic in just 22 knots which is a record speed. Silver Fast Silver Fast is also the most efficient vessel of her line. However, it’s not only her speed that’s impressive ; this model is built for comfort as well. It can accommodate up to 12 guests in 8 distinct rooms. These include the master suite like you’d imagine and also VIP staterooms, double bedrooms along with three bunk cabins. To ensure that you’re well taken care of the vessel can accommodate up to 19 crew members.

This yacht was designed in collaboration with the Italian business Perini Navi and Philippe Briand. It’s length is 230 feet (70m) and was named in honor of Sybaris, the name of the Greek town of Sybaris situated on the river with the same name. It was established in the year 720 BC. Like her name the boat is associated with luxurious living.

If you’re in the market to rent a boat , and have the cash to invest on a luxurious yacht, then you could get a better deal that employing The Maltese Falcon. The Maltese Falcon is now located on the Mediterranean and is available for charter every week for US$500,000 (including costs). The yacht became famous when it was constructed in Perini Navy shipyard Perini Navy shipyard in 2006 because of the revolutionary DynaRig mast. She is able to accommodate twelve guests across six cabins and has plenty of space to accommodate 18 members of the crew. The 88-meter (289 feet) sailing yacht was totally renovated in 2015 and remains an elegant woman of the sea.