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African Safaris – What to expect?

Around the globe, countdowns are sounded, loved ones are kissed, champagne bottles popped and love ones are rubbed, signaling the beginning of a new year. Some people see this as a time to review last year’s resolutions, and set new goals for next year. A safari to Africa is a great option if you have a desire to travel in 2022.
We have 12 reasons why you should choose an African safari as one of your travel goals for this year.

Go off-grid

A safari adventure in Africa is a great way to escape the everyday grind.

If you choose the right destination, you will be able to hide from the crowds and enjoy the solitude only wilderness can offer. It is possible to go off-grid in safari and reconnect with your inner self without having to worry about the daily grind.


Individual travelers who love to travel and explore new places will find that safaris are safe and customizable.

Solo travel is growing in popularity and it seems to be increasing as we enter a new year. This way of traveling to Africa is more personal and allows you to follow your own path without having to compromise on the safari experience. Solo safaris in off-grid locations can inspire mindfulness, relaxation, and self-learning.

Detox digitally

To keep with the previous reasons, there is no better way to get motivated than to immerse yourself in nature.

As a lion chases an impala through long grass, there is no time or signal to check your social media. The moment is all you can focus on. You will feel completely present, whether you are being guided on foot by an expert guide or flying high above the savanna plains to enjoy breakfast in the bush.

Reunite with your family

Gathering for a family vacation can strengthen family ties that may be weakened by distance, even if your family members live far apart.

Multi-generational travel continues to be a popular trend into 2022. There are many safari destinations in Africa that allow this type of travel. You can experience some safari activities together, such as game drives. However, there are age restrictions for certain activities.

Celebrate love

Imagine dreamy candlelit dinners beneath an African sky gilded with stars, plunge pools surrounded in plains brimming with game and bird calls signaling the beginning of the day.

This sounds like the perfect romantic getaway for you and your partner. The safari in 2022 is a great option. An authentic safari in 2022 is a wonderful way to show your love by enjoying the beauty of the bush and luxury camps.

Contribute towards conservation

Many African safari properties have become leaders in sustainable travel in the new decade.

As a continent that retains some of the world’s most pristine natural areas, diverse wildlife and complex ecosystems, environmentally-friendly safaris in Africa help to safe-guard these. It is a good idea to find a camp that has green initiatives. This will offset your carbon footprint and also let you know that all park fees go towards wildlife conservation and anti poaching efforts.

Help communities transform

Altruism, like eco-friendly travel is becoming a strong guiding principle when it comes to where people go on holiday in this new decade.

People who are socially conscious want to know that they are not only having fun but also helping local communities. It’s a great way of giving back to the community by volunteering at or donating to projects that are established at the camp where you stay. Helping others can make a difference in your life.

Meet diverse wildlife

Even if there is a local zoo, you won’t have the chance to see an animal in its natural habitat.

Many endangered wildlife species in Africa are at risk of extinction due to poaching, habitat loss and other factors. It is a rare opportunity to see these species in their natural environment. You can see many animals, birds, and other creatures on safari, making it a wonderful way to tick off your wildlife bucket list.

Learn from bush experts

Field guides and trackers are generally from the same area as their current work.

Many of their skills stem from a lifetime passion for the bush and a desire to protect animals and teach people about their importance. You will be just as infatuated with the bush by the time you leave. You will be able understand some parts of the bush’s ‘language’ and be amazed by the interconnectedness of nature.

Meet new friends

African safaris are a magnet for many people. You will likely meet and possibly befriend people from all over the world at your camp.

Although you might be from different countries, there is likely to be one thing that unites you: an interest in the environment and wildlife. The majority of camps are designed so that you have plenty of time for your own activities and also allow for others to get together, such as sundowners by the campfire or chats in the lounge.

Capture the experience

Every day on safari presents new opportunities for you to use your camera to capture a variety of images, regardless if you are a photographer hobbyist or a social media guru.

All subjects are great: wildlife, landscapes, and plants. You might meet other photographers with whom you can share your knowledge and learn from. You never know, you might get the best safari shot in Africa this year. You might be able to capture the perfect shot on safari in Africa.

Luxurious accommodation

There are camps that offer rustic safari experiences with very few amenities, and there are camps that provide all the creature comforts we have come to expect from modern camping facilities.

Imagine en-suite tents that have open-air baths and showers. You will also find well-appointed furnishings, a private deck and stunning views. After the game drives, you’ll return to camp to take a dip in our plunge pool or relax in our lounge.