Exploring the Atlas Mountains with Kids

With snow capped peaks, rugged mountainsides and deep valleys, the Atlas Mountains rise majestically from the plains of Morocco and can make for an excellent family adventure vacation destination. Tiny villages are concealed throughout, around walnut groves and providing places that are excellent to keep produced by hospitable and enterprising Berber folks using local materials.

Parents of children that are small look to have to compromise very long walks as part of the family vacations of theirs, although Atlas Mountains help make the ideal location for a family vacation because once their thighs and legs get exhausted, children are able to hop onto a mule – also called the 4×4 of the Atlas Mountains! Parents are able to appreciate stretching the legs of theirs as well as consuming the clear mountain air and also ideas as the kids drive mules. These picturesque mountains provide a good number of moderate to challenging routes, nearly all with a lot of fascinating sights along the means to have the children entertained.

Atlas mountains trekking is the most perfect method to feel the genuine, countryside aspect of brilliant Morocco. You will end at Berber villages along the path as well as like freshly prepared helpful hospitality and homemade food. Learn about the way of theirs of life, view them prepare meal that is regular and have a cooking tutorial learning to make Moroccan tagine! The Berber individuals are extremely polite and also welcoming, making this particular portion of the nation a nice break from Marrakech where locals are able to come across as being demanding & pushy.

In addition to being an excellent location for kids that are small , the Atlas Mountains are ideal for teenagers. There’s nothing more bonding than finishing a difficult trek together. Our Teen Bike and Hike trip provides the ideal balance of adventure and young adults and tradition will appreciate a range of methods to obtain from A to B, which includes camel trekking and mountain biking, nearly all with spectacular sights along the path. After an exhilarating day biking through the foothills with amazing ideas of the surrounding rocky peaks, love getting to find out the natives in typical Berber villages as well as camp out there under the stars – within the wasteland with the Berber individuals and by the seashore above the waterfalls of Sidi Mbarek (depending on time of year).

It is hard to imagine elsewhere within easy access of the UK which offers such an incredible cultural distinctions, and also with numerous inexpensive affordable flights to Marrakech today it will make the Atlas Mountains an ideal, good value location for a family adventure holiday for children of every age.

Nearly all of our guided group vacations to Morocco consist of some time in the Atlas Mountains and every drive offers different things. Check out the spectacular Ait Benhaddou Kasbah made famous in the movie Gladiator on our Kasbahs & Coasts journey, check out the historic port and loosen up on the shore at Essaouira on Atlas Mule Train, trek on camels across the wasteland on a Sahara Dune Adventure or even examine the foothills of the mountains by bike on our Teen Hike & Bike trip.