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Getting to Barcelona Airport to City

In case you’re visiting Barcelona from the terminal El Prat, and therefore are concerned about how you can reach the city centre, do the following manual to find the ideal transport links to the airport.

In case you would like to find out the distance between the terminal and Barcelona, then you definitely must know the terminal can be found just thirteen kilometres from the community centre of Barcelona, El Prat. There’s a lot of preference in terms of public and private transportation from the terminal to meet up with your time and spending budget restrictions for Barcelona airport transfers.

Getting a taxi from Barcelona airport

In case you would like to go to the city centre of Barcelona utilizing a private automobile, you will find many choices, from Barcelona airport taxis to internet taxi apps. You are able to book your flights ahead of time online, at your resort, and have an app to keep Arrivals in the airport. You are able to likewise take a taxi from the terminal. It is going to take approximately twenty five mins to take a taxi from the terminal to the community centre of Barcelona in the price of the day. There’s a small surcharge during the night time and weekends.
To catch the bus from Barcelona airport

You will find 3 bus services from Barcelona Airport. You are able to use the forty six bus for an local route (with a great deal more stops), night bus services N16, N17 as well as Aerobus and N18. There’s minimal luggage room on the forty six, N16, N18 and N17, even though the Aerobus service is specifically created to serve the airport’s luggage bearing passengers, though it costs a bit more. All 3 buses arrive at Terminal one and Terminal two and depart every twenty minutes. It takes aproximatelly forty minutes to attain the community centre of Barcelona.
Obtaining the train from Barcelona airport

You are able to have a train from the station in the airport in case you wish to visit Barcelona Airport. In case you end up at Terminal two, you are able to hike on the station by feet, whereas at Terminal one you are able to grab the free shuttle bus to Terminal 2 and walk on the station. Community train products require you to Barcelona Sants, Passeig and el Clot de Gracia, from in which you are able to use the metro to Plaza Catalunya, in case you’re being in probably the most prominent part of Barcelona.
Getting to Barcelona Airport by metro

From both Terminals one and 2, walk up the L9 metro to the community centre of Barcelona. The metro is essentially new choice for those wishing to go into the community centre, and have a journey time of thirty five minutes and also a wait time of roughly 7 minutes. The metro runs each day from five until midnight. It operates until two am on Fridays and twenty four hours on Saturdays.

No matter what method of transportation you choose to work with for your stay in Barcelona, you are going to want to keep in a main place which is possible to all. Stay at among the twenty six Catalonia Hotels & Resorts Hotels in Barcelona, which provides you with a main location, a pool, excellent room and also rooftop views choices.