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Reasons to travel to Morocco

Morocco is growing in recognition and it is so easy to find out exactly why. Allow me to share several of the most effective reasons to go to Morocco, a remarkably diverse gem of Northern Africa.

Morocco is developing as a favorite tourist destination, as it is a remarkably accessible means to experience north African society on a budget. Placed on the north western advantage of the substantial African continent, Morocco is merely a fast flight from Europe.

Budget airlines as Ryanair fly to Morocco for under hundred dollars, therefore it is quite simple to install Morocco into a European traveling adventure. When you are coming from somewhere else in the planet, Casablanca, Marrakech, and Fez each have major overseas airports with dependable airlines flying in and out every day.

With such easy flights offered, there’s absolutely no reason not to see Morocco. This place has desert, beaches, mountains, large cities and little villages; something for everybody. The food is incredible, the culture is different, and the costs are inexpensive. There are also a selection of cultural issues and ideas to find out prior to going to Morocco, that will be incorporated in this list.

And so in case you are still thinking, “why go to Morocco?”, here’s a summary of good reasons to go to Morocco. These’re issues that I’ve really encountered, and I could point out I’ll forever cherish the month I spent traveling in Morocco.

  1. The delicious food

Situated below the Mediterranean Sea, the cuisine in Morocco has similar components to which of nations as Italy, Greece or Spain. The most effective fruit in Morocco include figs, dates, oranges, cherries, and peaches, all of that are juicier and sweeter than anywhere else I have been.

You are able to also use a fascinating cactus fruit, that tastes like a scrumptious mix of watermelon and passionfruit.

Morocco also has probably the most flavorful olives I have previously had, and the organic olive oil is abundant and rich so that you are able to get it with basically any dish. You can buy fresh produce and olives for super cheap from the road markets, which is usually an enjoyable experience.

Some really traditional Moroccan dishes include couscous served with roasted vegetables or various meats, omelets served with organic olive oil and bread, plus new grilled sardines close to the seashore. Tagines can also be really popular. This’s a tasty recipe of slow roasted veggies, meats, along with local spices usually served in a reddish clay pot.

The food is definitely really flavorful as well as colorful, typically using fresh new spices as cumin, turmeric, and black pepper.

  1. The mint tea

Having mint tea is an everyday occurrence in Morocco. Fresh mint leaves are tossed right into a silver teapot, sometimes with a number of sugar cubes added, along with steeped with water that is warm. The tea will be poured into little glass cups and consumed with family and friends.

Frequently you will be presented a cup of mint tea in a shop or even when going to someone, as drinking tea is a very common custom of hospitality. Drink it as frequently as possible; it is several of probably the freshest tea I have ever had.

At times it might look way too sexy for tea in Morocco, but drinking warm beverages will help cool on the body temperature and also quench thirst. So do not turn down a tea, even for a warm day.

  1. The shopping and souvenirs

Traditional Moroccan handicrafts are really beautiful, and certainly worth buying as souvenirs to recall your Morocco trip. From the delicately painted ceramics, to the jeweled shoes and gowns, to the hand woven rugs from the mountains, you are able to get several stunning and unique items on Morocco tours.

Attempt visiting the Souks, and those are the conventional Moroccan markets which provide a lot of regional products, & they’re generally roofed to block out the sun. You are able to often try to bargain for much better rates compared to what the natives up front let you know, as you’re generally charged a “tourist price” to begin with. But be respectful when bargaining and at times simply recognize the cost in case the piece is impressive and handmade.

You are able to also purchase some awesome organic presents in the organic health retailers that you will undoubtedly see each time. Teas, herbs, spices, soaps, oils, dried flowers, and any other random items seal these shops, and the staff is able to educate you on exactly about the key healing and health advantages that these items give.

You’ll want to pick up a little Moroccan Argan oil directly from the cause, that does wonders for your hair and skin.

  1. The ocean

Mirleft, Safi, Agadir, Taghazout, and Essaouira are a couple of widely used coastal cities in Morocco you are able to go to for surfing, swimming, along with soaking in the sunshine. The shoreline is wonderful at any moment of the year; in winter months the surf is pumping and also in the summertime the chilly Atlantic ocean seems incredible on the warm, flushed skin.

Consume a lot of sea food when on the coastline, get ready because of the wind which barrels in from the beach, and also like the calm vibes of the idle surf towns. Locals are usually great and cold out right here, therefore you will experience many terrific Moroccan hospitality here.

  1. The insight into Islam

Islam may be the primary religion in Morocco, and also the religious traditions reveal themselves in day life.

Mosques, the spots of worship for Muslims, could be located in each and every city, from the magnificent people of the bigger towns on the very simple, modest people of the poorer communities. Mosque Hassan II in Casablanca is in fact the biggest Mosque in Africa, and also the 5th most significant in the community. Non-Muslims usually can’t enter Mosques, nonetheless, so in case you are not Muslim you will have to admire the structures from outside.

You will audibly hear the “call to prayer” 5 times one day. A kind of calling song in Arabic is going to play at the Mosque speakers, telling Muslims that it is some time to pray.

You will also notice the conservative means in which neighborhood females dress. They cover their hair and human body, and quite often the face of theirs. As a female traveler, attempt to embrace cultural differences by respecting the practices of theirs and masking also. You do not need to exactly copy the dress of theirs, simply cover your chest, knees, and shoulders almost as you can.

Even at the seaside, females are generally completely dressed. Simply work with the judgment of yours when dressing, primarily based on just how much you wish to stand out.