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The View Palm – A Bird’s Eye View of Dubai’s Most Iconic Landmark

The View Palm is one of the most iconic attractions in Dubai. Located at the top of The Palm Jumeirah, The View Palm offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the Arabian Gulf, the Dubai skyline, and the Palm Jumeirah itself.

The journey to The View Palm starts with a drive up the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah. As you drive up, the view palm spreads out on either side, showcasing the fronds lined with luxury villas, 5-star hotels, beaches and marinas. Once you reach the top, you exit your car and take an elevator up to the 52nd floor of The Palm Tower.

Stepping out of the elevator, you are immediately greeted with floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase panoramic vistas. To the north, you can see the Dubai Marina skyline, with its rows of glittering skyscrapers. In the distance is the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel and further beyond is the Dubai creek. Panning to the west, you can view the Dubai coastline that runs along Jumeirah beach all the way till Sunset Mall. Turning south, the view palm opens up to the serene blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, with dhow boats gently drifting by. And to the east, your eyes are drawn to the 7 fronds of the palm jumeirah with Atlantisthe palm hotel perched at the top of the crescent.

But the real showstopper is right below you – the impressive palm jumeirah man-made island laid out in the shape of a palm tree. From the viewing platform vantage point, you can truly admire the scale and beauty of this engineering marvel. The emerald fronds hold hundreds of houses and hotels, while the trunk of the palm is home to resorts, restaurants and retail outlets.

No visit to the view palm is complete without watching an iconic Dubai sunset. As the sun dips into the Arabian sea, the sky is painted in dazzling hues of orange and pink. The shimmering rays of the setting sun illuminate the Dubai skyscrapers, giving them an almost magical glow. For a truly memorable experience, time your visit to catch the sunset views.

The View Palm doesn’t just offer scenic vistas during the day. Once the sun goes down, the view transforms into glittering vistas. The Dubai skyline lights up with towering skyscrapers illuminated in vibrant colors and patterns. Looking down, the palm jumeirah also sparkles to life, with its fronds and crescents glowing with lights. Dhow boats in the Gulf turn on their colored lights and seem to float on the dark waters.

In the day or night, the View Palm is a photographer’s paradise. Whether you want landscape shots of the Dubai coastline or selfies with the breathtaking backdrop, this spot has you covered. Many visitors also enjoy the unique perspective for aerial photography of the palm offered by this vantage point.

The Palm Tower itself is an impressive architectural feat designed by the renowned Dubai-based architecture firm, Atkins. The design draws inspiration from the shape of palm leaves, with curved facades and frond-like projections. At 240 meters, it’s one of the tallest buildings on the palm jumeirah.

The View Palm occupies levels 51 and 52 of the Palm Tower. Both levels have floor-to-ceiling glass windows to maximize the panoramic views. The indoor space is airy and contemporary, with minimalistic decor that complements the view palm. While level 52 is more geared for casual visitors with a snack counter, level 51 houses View Palm Kitchen and Bar, an upscale dining venue.

Along with the observation decks, the Palm Tower houses a luxurious five-star hotel, the St. Regis Dubai. Hotel guests can access The View Palm directly from the St. Regis via a private elevator. For other visitors, separate elevators and entrances are provided with ticket counters in the tower lobby.

Advanced online booking for The View Palm is highly recommended as it offers a convenient and queue-free entry. Tickets can be purchased on the company’s website or app. Due to its immense popularity, the viewing platform can get crowded during sunset hours and on weekends. Visiting during off-peak hours allows you to enjoy the views in a relaxed ambience.

The View Palm has steadily grown into an unmissable icon that embodies Dubai’s vision and spirit. Gazing out from this incredible manmade vista, you’re filled with a sense of wonder at how this desert metropolis has transformed over the years. The View Palm lets you glimpse Dubai’s incredible past, dynamic present and ambitious future all from one unforgettable vantage point.